Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun in the Rain

Another weekend upon us and Mother Nature decided to give us rainy, cold weather. But at Balsam Woods, we have fun in every type of weather. People are out swimming in our pool. I know that sounds crazy but it's 80 degrees, so it's more comfortable in the pool then outside. The wagon ride just took off with a ton of kids. We'll be coloring t-shirts this afternoon. Ice cream social will still go on in the evening and of course we'll have a lot of people. Because as everyone knows, ice cream is good anytime of the day in any weather! Outdoor movie is scheduled for tonight! Then pancake breakfast tomorrow morning with blueberry or plain pancakes, sausage, coffee, tea and OJ. So even if we feel a little too wet or a little too cold, we can still see smiles peeking out from under hoods all around the campground, because camping is just too much fun for a little rain to ruin it.

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